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Challenge yourself financially so you don’t become just another statistic...
53% of adults are financially anxious

According to a 2018 FINRA Study

3 in 5 adults don’t keep a budget

According to a 2019 NFCC Survey

Do you know what you don’t know?

We are not expected to know everything in life but not knowing much about your financial health can lead to much bigger problems down the road — just like our physical health. Edyoucore’s FinFit Report provides you with a detailed read of your financial health and how to keep it in shape.

The FinFit Report can help answer…

  • Do you REALLY know who’s minding your money? Who’s minding those who mind your money?
  • How often do you speak with them? Are they truly looking out for YOU?
  • Are you getting ripped off? Or paying for services you don’t need?
  • Are you spending more than you make? Will you run out of money?
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Archie Griffin Won 2 Heisman Trophies, Then Went Bankrupt at Age 27
August 30, 2020
Sharks' Evander Kane files for bankruptcy with $26.8 million in debt
January 12, 2021
Michael Jackson was on verge of bankruptcy before death
February 7, 2017
Alanis Morissette's Ex-Manager Admits To Having Hand In Her Pocket
January 25, 2017

The FinFit Report Process

1: We Collect
2: We Analyze & Report
3: We Educate & Review
4: We Train & Empower

The Winning Ways Program

Not everyone is at the same level within their career nor has the same financial needs. Our Winning Ways program was created to address the unique questions and concerns that arise at several distinct periods within a professional career.

We offer specially arranged packages for each of these career eras to help provide a solid footing for decision making, planning and managing the business of YOU — no matter if you are simply considering going pro, a newly minted rookie or an established player and beyond.

Our program will provide tailored education to ensure you are a winner today and that you will continue winning when it’s time to move on to the next challenge.

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The program with Edyoucore was extremely helpful for me. I gained knowledge in a host of ways that helped me have a better understanding of my business and financial affairs. It really came in handy during Covid-19 where I was able to focus and apply what I learned to my day-to-day decisions with my finances.

Tyus Bowser
NFL Player, Baltimore Ravens

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Edyoucore offers a number of impactful and unique services that will help you in your ongoing journey to financial success.
Sessions for Success

We drop financial knowledge with real life lessons in a relaxed, unintimidating atmosphere.

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Winning Ways

Game plans and training tools packaged just right to help you succeed as the CEO of YOU, Inc.

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Looking for an unbiased, eye-opening review of your financial health? Our FinFit report promises you just that.

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