The Winning Ways Program

Did you know 87% of millennials don't have a financial plan?

What's Guiding Your Financial Journey?

Everyone’s financial journey is different and should be. After all, not everyone is on the same level of their career nor does everyone’s future have identical goals. That’s why Edyoucore offers its Winning Ways Program within their suite of educational resources.

When I teamed up with Edyoucore I thought I could help a lot of guys out if they heard how I made my mistakes. I could be part of the solution and make sure they don’t make the same money mistakes I did, letting the world know that I was still able to turn those negatives into positives. Yeah, knowing the stories is cool, and a lot know mine. But, when you get an opportunity to touch and meet the person, to pull our hand and talk to us – that’s more important. We all watch and hear the horror stories. But to have the personal touch, that’s second to none. To get in front of so many young athletes, it holds a lot of weight.

Antoine Walker
13-year NBA veteran & current broadcaster

Do you know what you don’t know?

Just like you wouldn’t expect to build a house without a blueprint, the different stages in your life and career are best mapped to meet the needs of that time while keeping the future in mind.

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  • Do you know what your money personality is?
  • Are you thinking about going pro?
  • Do you ask yourself “Now What?” since you’ve just made it?
  • Are you years into your pro career and wondering about life afterwards!
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No matter where you stand, you don’t have to wing it on your own. We offer different plans that meet you where you need it and help you answer some common questions.

Our Packages

The Road to the Pros

Are you wondering…

  • What do I need to know to manage the business of ME?
  • How do I get the right people around me?
  • What should I avoid?
  • How can I make sure I make the most of a pro career?
  • Where do I start?
Rookie Playbook

Are you asking…

  • How do I manage my advisors?
  • How do I handle family and finances?
  • Can I manage my money on my own?
  • What’s my money personality?
  • Do I understand budgeting, savings, investing?

A La Carte Services

Active Players, Veterans & Beyond

Are you looking to…

  • Get a read on your financial health
  • Explore investing
  • Start your own business
  • Manage your advisory team efficiently and conscientiously
  • Learn the importance of insurance, estate planning, etc
  • Understand how to manage the business of ME post-career
  • Leave a legacy of wealth
All of our Winning Ways offerings are executed through and complemented with access to online content and tools, one-on-one coaching and a digital learning platform.
Those who are on the Road to the Pros or Rookies are provided access to all of the above through their packages.
Active players, veterans and beyond are provided an a la carte approach so they can pinpoint specific areas of interest that pertain to their future planning and use the tools they prefer.

Dialog-driven Complements

Sessions for Success

We drop financial knowledge with real life lessons in a relaxed, unintimidating atmosphere.

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Financial Education Assessment and Training

Looking for an unbiased, eye-opening review of your financial health? Our FEAT report promises you just that.

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Take control of your financial future now.

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