Did you know 21% of Americans don’t Save any of their annual income?

How’s Your Financial Health?

Our unique FinFit Report is a special offering for athletes and entertainers looking for an honest read of their financial health. We lay out all of your details and deliver it in a straight up, non-judgmental and unbiased way — leaving you empowered and equipped with clear steps to ensure your money is there for YOU for a very long time.

My personal story is one that proves that life doesn’t always work out the way you imagined it. My NBA career wasn’t as long as I hoped for and, yeah, I made some money but I needed to figure out how to make that cash last a lot longer once I got released. I thought I had the right people minding my accounts and doing right by me but it wasn’t until I had Edyoucore review all of my business that I realized that I was probably going to run out of money in 4.5 years. That was a huge eyeopener. Since then, I’ve gotten a better grip on my finances and I feel confident that I can provide for my family for many years to come. I became an Edyoucore team member and financial educator to help make a difference. I feel like I can share my story to help today’s athletes understand that keeping on top of your finances, staying connected to those you put in charge of your money and knowing that you won’t have that big paycheck forever will only encourage them to “Get Lit and Stay Lit” as we like to say at Edyoucore – financially literate, that is.

Greg Oden
Former NBA player

Do you know what you don’t know?

Why should you care? Simply put, you have worked your entire life for this earning opportunity AND because you want today’s big money to provide for big things for many, many years.

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  • Do you REALLY know who’s minding your money? Who’s minding those who mind your money?
  • How often do you speak with them? Are they truly looking out for YOU?
  • Are you getting ripped off? Or paying for services you don’t need?
  • Are you spending more than you make? Will you run out of money?
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The Process

We provide services with an unbiased point of view and serve as as an impartial guide unprejudiced by the demands and influences of traditional financial services.

1: We Collect
1: We Collect
  • Contracts
  • Endorsement Agreements
  • Banking & Investment Statements
  • Payroll & Budgeting Reports
  • Schedules of reporting Mortgage Agreements
  • Credit card statements
  • Tax returns
  • Insurance policies
  • Pension & Retirement accounts
  • Health event documents
  • Outline of relationships
2: We Analyze & Report
2: We Analyze & Report

Our team of financial, accounting, and management experts review all documents and relationships. They then evaluate risk, accountability, suitability, and if appropriate practices are being followed, providing a detailed report of the findings.

3: We Educate & Review
3: We Educate & Review

We provide you with insight and clarify on fundamentals of each category and review your specific findings.

4: We Empower
4: We Empower

We equip you with additional insight, information, and confidence and empower you to be more informed and better work with your team of advisors.

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