A letter from Edyoucore’s Founder and President, Drew Hawkins

June 5, 2020

Dear Friends,

I write this message on behalf of, and in conjunction with, my colleagues at Edyoucore Sports & Entertainment.

Like so many people in America and across the world, our hearts are broken, our souls are torn and we are struggling for and wanting answers, actions and reform.

We grieve with the family and friends of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and so many others whose lives have been snuffed by racial injustice and violence.

As a black child who was constantly told to “pick that cotton, N*****!” by passing white drivers as I worked my father’s garden to personally encountering close to a dozen unwarranted vehicle stops and forceful threats by police officers as a black man (no matter the car or the way in which I was dressed) — I know the pain, I know the frustration and I know the anger firsthand.

As colleagues:

We are angry with the system that fosters and protects people that commit these crimes.

We are hurt by the hateful speech about people of color – often expressed by those of opposing political affiliations.

We are disgusted with the looters and anarchists who are exploiting our cry for justice with their selfish greed.

We are fearful for ALL Black Americans whose lives may be jeopardized simply because they are at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

We are tired of all the talk with no significant reform by those in positions who have taken oaths to protect and serve ALL people, regardless of race.


We are inspired and heartened by the peaceful protests merging people of all colors and backgrounds within this nation and beyond.

We are proud of all of the brilliant, energetic and bold young people in America taking a stand and letting their voices be heard.

We are hopeful that the lives of those lost unjustly will not be in vain as they have sparked a movement that will hopefully and finally bring about real and permanent changes.

We are committed to do our part and to take action both as a company and individuals. We will:

Educate through Engagement

Equip through Empathy

Empower through Equity

We cannot stand idly by. For, if we do, we are no better than the cops that stood by watching as George Floyd’s life was slowly, painfully and inhumanely drained from him. We are all part of the Human Race…the only race that should matter.

I call on all of us to use our voices, platforms, resources, hearts and souls, votes and conventions to make an indelible difference.


In the name of peace and progress,

Drew Hawkins

CEO and Founder

Edyoucore Sports & Entertainment