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September 6, 2023

Edyoucore Charts New Focus In Athlete Mental Health

For the past five years, Edyoucore has remained committed to improving financial wellness for professional athletes. We are excited to continue this effort with a major expansion of our programming! In addition to the financial literacy consulting that we have provided since inception, we are now including a new service that is dedicated solely to mental health.

August 15, 2023

Dan Rodricks: Drew Hawkins and the mission to school pro athletes on money | STAFF COMMENTARY

The athlete, a Philadelphia Eagles player in his mid-20s, slumped in a chair next to his wife. “He’s about to get a second contract and we don’t have our financial affairs in order,” the wife said. “We have money. We make a lot of money. We spend a lot of money. And we need help.”

Drew Hawkins, in the midst of a robust career in wealth management with Morgan Stanley, sat across from the couple, holding a pen and a yellow legal pad. The wife had asked for the meeting in hopes of getting advice from an expert. Hawkins started directing questions to the football player — nothing exotic, just simple questions about his contract with the Eagles, his income, investments, savings, expenses and charitable contributions.