Edyoucore Charts New Focus In Athlete Mental Health

September 6, 2023

For the past five years, Edyoucore has remained committed to improving financial wellness for professional athletes. We are excited to continue this effort with a major expansion of our programming! In addition to the financial literacy consulting that we have provided since inception, we are now including a new service that is dedicated solely to mental health. 

After many successful sessions, we have determined that one of the key factors needed for financial literacy is addressing the role that finances play in an individual’s overall mental health. We see this expansion as necessary for many of our clients. We know that the professional athletes we work with strive for peak performance, but this cannot be achieved if they are not 100% focused. The tools we now offer will support our clients looking to navigate the mental impacts of their financial success – addressing key issues like relationship challenges, self-worth issues and external pressure to consistently perform.

Our mental health offering will include three main aspects: 1) Understanding the Impact of Finances on Your Mental Health, 2) Sustaining Your Value as It Relates to Your Finances, and 3) Activating Boundaries Around Both Your Finances and Your Overall Mental Health.

The service will be available to teams, universities and professional organizations who are looking to integrate financial wellness into their programs. This will enhance our work of reducing financial stresses and guiding our clients on how to make the best long-term financial decisions. Our diverse team, composed of athletes, entertainers, and professionals in financial literacy and mental health, ensures compassionate and comprehensive guidance delivered to the players every time.

It’s a very exciting time for us and we are only getting started!